“REERACOEN Shanghai” is a recruitment corporate for career change and international business professional.

Service Flow


  • Service Flow & characteristics

Reeracoen’s Service Before we recommend highly capable and well-experienced candidates to our clients, we will conduct a counseling session with them. With great understanding of our clients’ business challenge and organization culture, we can assure our clients of our recommendation of best-matched candidates. Not only introducing candidates, but also by solving clients’ business challenge, we would like to be your best partner.

1.Conduct hearing sessions from Clients

  • We conduct hearing sessions with our clients to understand about their corporate culture, business challenges, the reasons for recruiting, required career, achievements, salary and position for desirable candidates. Through consultation, we offer the information that matches the growth stage and your industry.

2.Conclusion of a contract

  • We offer the best rate for each client. It differs according to the service order. However, the basic two types are: 1) Retaining fee type and 2) Contingent fee type.

3.Candidates Research

  • With the information provided from our clients, we are able to list up the best talents who meet their requirements. Using our original search method, we can approach to all potential candidates.

4.Conduct hearing sessions from best talents

  • Our consultants conduct hearing sessions from the best-matched talents about their career and orientation. When screening, we explain clients’ vision, value, and attractiveness to them.

5.Candidates recommendation

  • Professional consultants who have interviewed more than thousands candidates will recommend best-matched talents to our clients.

6.Interview with candidates

  • Clients will select from the recommended candidates and we will arrange the interview. We may need to attend the interview in some cases.

7.Negotiation on conditions

  • Depending on the candidates’ career and their skills, we assist to negotiate their salary, commencement date, and position.

8.Follow up prior to joining

  • We will conduct regular follow-up and take appropriate advice to candidates until they join the company.

9.Support after commencement of job

  • We will provide assistance our clients to follow up on a regular basis even after candidates’ career commencement.