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The process of career change

Career Change Guide

Step1.Preparation for career change activities

  • Organize your strengths and the reason why you are changing your career. Think about what you want to solve or achieve. Decide the priorities besides salary, work life balance, career advancement and other conditions. These priorities will be your basic values when you receive job offer or when you are unable to make up the decision during the process of career change. It is important to decide your priorities at the starting point.

Step2.Applying for companies’ openings

  • Once completed the first step, start applying to the companies’ openings, which meet your desired options. The tip for applying at the beginning is not to determinate the companies too much. The secret to success is applying to those companies, which meet your desired options. The job opening for a same company is not always available, so take the chance now!

Step3.Paper selection and interview

  • Paper selection results come out within a week. After which, the interview date will be arranged. Try not to reschedule the interview date once it is decided. Take time for the preparation for your interview.

Step4.Job offer

  • After you receive a job offer, decide on whether to take the chance. If you are unable to make a quick decision, recall on your first stage of career change, which includes the reason why you wanted to change career. It will definitely assist in your decision-making.