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Latest Jobs in Indonesia

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  • Legal Compliance Manager (Jakarta)


    Monthly Salary 20,000,000 IDR to 30,000,000 IDR

    job Provides legal assistance, supports and administration on matters related to regulations, commercial contracts, service agreement and corporate services/corporate action. Drafting, review, interpretation on Company’s documents (agreement, business license, other documents as the company’s requirement Handling Legal Due Diligence and if necessary cooperate with legal consultant (Lawyers and notary or other party as the Company requirement) Providing applicable and strategic legal advice as required Manage external and internal legal resources (if necessary) Adjust and make new policy/procedures required by the Company Ensure that the Company’s business in compliance with applicable regulations, including review the regulations and manage consultancy with regulatory body (OJK) Creates new policy or procedure based on the Company’s requirement Manage Corporate event as required by authority (AGMS, OJK event: GCG, Education Literacy, Customer Protection and etc.) Manage the Company’s uncollectible receivables and Bad Debtors in Conduct negotiation with the Bad Debtors including conduct litigation if necessary Handling internal settlement also liaise with external parties to realize the settlement Making weekly report for the legal collection and litigations accordingly Provide legal advisory in related to the cases
    welfare THR (Lebaran Allowance) BPJS: Ketenagakerjaan, Kesehatan Transportation Private Medical Insurance (after permanent)

  • Cosmetic Application Officer (Bandung)


    Monthly Salary 8,000,000 IDR to 9,000,000 IDR

    job Formulating and conducting stability tests and distributing to sales & marketing for customers. Prepare finished products according to demand in a short time with good quality. To research information, new trends, technicalities, and other relevant aspects for the sales team and customers. Summarize cosmetic magazines and present them in monthly sales meetings. Training for customers and the sales team in Bekasi/Bandung. Hopefully, other relevant tasks will be assigned later. Responsibility for managing all company-owned lab equipment, tools, and facilities. Responsible for the company's systems and policies. Report directly to the Application Supervisor.
    welfare THR BPJS Tenaga Kerja & Kesehatan Insurance Company provided Laptop Overseas training Multinational environment, etc.

  • Project Manager (Riau)


    Monthly Salary 25,000,000 IDR to 30,000,000 IDR

    job Define project scope, objectives, and deliverables. Develop project plans, budgets, and schedules. Initiate and kick-off projects in alignment with company goals and standards. Lead project teams, providing guidance and direction to achieve project goals. Monitor and control project activities to ensure they stay on track.. Coordinate with various stakeholders, including internal teams, contractors, and regulatory bodies. Ensure compliance with safety, environmental, and quality standards. Identify and assess project risks and develop mitigation strategies. Implement risk management plans to minimize potential disruptions to project timelines and budgets. Prepare regular progress reports for senior management and stakeholders. Prioritize and enforce HSE standards and practices throughout the project. Implement quality control measures to ensure that project deliverables meet or exceed industry standards
    welfare THR (Lebaran Allowance) BPJS: Ketenagakerjaan, Kesehatan Private Insurance Detail will be discussed in the interview

  • MCN Manager (Jakarta)


    Monthly Salary 15,000,000 IDR to 30,000,000 IDR

    job Network Development and Maintenance: Identify potential creators and content suitable for joining the network. Manage the recruitment and onboarding process for new creators. Strengthen relationships with existing creators within the network. Ensure that creators adhere to the network's policies and requirements. Exposure and Growth Enhancement: Design and implement strategies to enhance the exposure of creator content across platforms and social media. Analyze data and performance metrics of creators to identify growth opportunities and areas for improvement. Assist creators in optimizing and improving the quality of their content. Develop marketing campaigns to increase viewership, subscriptions, and engagement. Creator Relationship Management: Maintain effective communication with creators within the network to foster engagement and satisfaction. Provide support and guidance to creators on content development, marketing, and collaborations. Address any inquiries or issues arising from creators within the network. Analysis and Reporting: Conduct data analysis to measure network and creator performance. Compile regular reports on network growth, performance, and goal achievements. Seek market insights and trends to enhance network strategies.
    welfare THR (Lebaran Allowance) BPJS: Ketenagakerjaan, Kesehatan Detail will be discussed in the interview

  • Sales SPV (Surabaya)


    Monthly Salary 8,000,000 IDR to 10,000,000 IDR

    job Supervise Sales team to set up mapping plan and strategies Create freight forwarding business proposals for existing customers and new customers. Responsible for effective new client/customer onboarding. Reporting daily about market activity in general. Act as an agent in a company to achieve the target. Maintain good relationships with the clients. Giving excellent service by being consistent. Organize files and records to track financial activity.
    welfare THR (Lebaran Allowance) Bonus or Commission BPJS: Ketenagakerjaan, Kesehatan Transportation Private Medical Insurance

  • English Teacher (Jakarta)


    Monthly Salary 6,000,000 IDR to 7,500,000 IDR

    job Teach General English, Business English, English Proficiency Exam preparation (TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS, and Eiken), and English for Kids Develop teaching materials when necessary (textbooks are provided, but some supplementary materials are utilized from time to time) Edit students’ writing Write a report for each kid student Ensure that the classroom stays orderly Encourage and motivate students to study English
    welfare THR (Lebaran Allowance) BPJS: Ketenagakerjaan, Kesehatan

  • Japanese - English Interpreter (Jakarta)


    Monthly Salary 8,000,000 IDR to 11,000,000 IDR

    job Will be responsible for interpreting and translating conversations and documents between Bahasa Indonesia and English primarily, and between Japanese and English secondarily. Provide support in approaching new potential Japanese customers and train co-workers on Japanese culture and working style if needed. Manage stakeholders effectively, while also demonstrating high ownership at work.
    welfare Religious Holiday Allowance (THR) BPJS Kesehatan & Tenaga Kerja Medical Private Insurance (after 3 Month working)

  • Store Manager for kitchen(Jakarta)


    Monthly Salary 7,000,000 IDR to 13,000,000 IDR

    job -Managing the store including staff -Training workers -Creating and Managing store sales budgets, labor cost budgets, and food & drinks cost budgets. -Reporting, contact and consult to management.
    welfare THR(Lebaran Allowance): One month salary BPJS: Ketenagakerjaan, Kesehatan

  • (Confidential) HR & GA Supervisor (Japanese Speaker) (Karawang)


    Monthly Salary 8,000,000 IDR to 12,000,000 IDR

    job Handle all work related to HR & GA (recruitment, training, OSS reports, LKPM, etc.) Build good communication with external and internal parties Control and report on departmental KPI achievements Other related tasks
    welfare THR (Lebaran Allowance): One month salary BPJS: Ketenagakerjaan, Kesehatan Transportation Private Medical Insurance Over time allowance Language allowance