Privacy Policy

NEO CAREER CO., LTD. (“we”, “us”, or “our”) acknowledge our responsibility as a company which provide

1) support for employment and career change, 2) temporary staffing and consulting services, and 3) content production and software development. Under the basic philosophy that we faithfully fulfil customers’ needs and contribute to society, we acknowledge the importance of individual customer information, and implement and maintain the following terms.

We work on appropriate protection of the personal information of our job applicants (users), client companies and our employees by assigning a “chief privacy officer”.

We obtain, use and provide personal information based upon appropriate methods only for limited uses in

i) our own employment, ii) support for employment and career change, iii) temporary staffing, iv) related content and software planning, production and maintenance, v) publication of career information magazines, vi) planning and operation of career events, and vii) career consulting. When obtaining personal information, we clarify its purpose of use and contact information for inquiries.

In principle, except for legal orders, we deal with personal information only for the uses indicated above.

We shall implement appropriate and necessary measures in order to prevent unintended use of the information.

We take reasonable, preventive and redressing security measures for risks such as unauthorized access to personal information or loss, damage, falsification, defamation or divulgation of personal information.

In case we delegate the task dealing with personal information to other companies, we make reasonable contracts and provide necessary instructions to the companies in order to make sure that they use, provide and maintain the information based upon agreements made when it is obtained.

Not only appropriately responding to complaints or inquiries regarding personal information we own, when disclosures, corrections, changes or deletions are requested by the giving party, we promptly grant the requests within reasonable guidelines after proper dentification.

7) We comply with applicable laws for personal information we deal with, national guidelines and other rules. We continuously maintain, improve and make necessary corrections to the management system for personal information protection to be operated properly.

Last updated: December 17, 2015
Established: May 13, 2005

Ryoichi Nishizawa