• Sales Coordinator (Japanese Speaking)


    Monthly Salary 3,000 SGD to 3,500 SGD

    job Our Client is a Singapore online payment solutions company and one of Asia's fastest-growing fintech companies. They are looking for Sales Coordinator to join their team urgently! 【 What you will be doing 】 - Prepare sales applications to submit for approval. - Raise change requests and coordinate updates with internal teams for all existing clients' accounts. - Maintain, monitor, and update all client data to ensure its accuracy. - Follow up on all application statuses and ensure that any changes made to customers' requirements are updated in a timely manner. - Draft and update documents pertaining to sales-related policies, procedures and processes. - Generate merchant acquisition, commission payout, and volume processing reports. - Assist in preparing sales presentation decks and taking meeting minutes as and when required. - Assist with market intelligence gathering and research. - Perform any other relevant tasks and duties that may be assigned from time to time by management.
    welfare 【 What they are offering 】 - Performance Bonus - Annual Leave: 14 days - Medical Leave: 14 days - Medical Benefits - More benefits would be further shared during an interview


  • 【外資広告業界】アカウントスペシャリスト(Strategic Sales Specialist)


    Monthly Salary -

    welfare 【福利厚生・手当】 ‐ 業績賞与 ‐ セールスコミッション ‐ 有給休暇: 14日 ‐ 医療保険・手当て


  • Accounts cum Admin Senior Executive


    Monthly Salary 4,000 SGD to 4,500 SGD

    job Our client is a Japanese manufacturing company that caters mainly to the electronics market and they are currently looking for an Accounts cum Admin Senior Executive to join their team. Reporting to: Director 【What you will be working on】 - Handle monthly full set financial reports like Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance and so on/ - Handle monthly or periodic forecast/budget like cashflow forecast, financial forecast and so on. - Handle daily bank reconciliation, perform banking and ad hoc errands. - Handling company taxation matter such corporate tax, GST submission and etc. - Checking daily banking transactions like incoming & outgoing funds, exchange rate and so on. - Checking and input monthly remittance payment into e-banking system and submit it to management. - Assist HR role like monthly salary preparation, CPF submission, yearly employees' taxation submission (IR8A), company internal audit when it is required - Any ad-hoc admin duties assigned such as incoming calls, ensure office supplies of stationary/general sundries, etc.
    welfare 【What they are offering】 - AWS - Annual Leave: 14 Days - Medical Leave: 14 Days - Medical & Dental Benefits - Company’s anniversary leave – 1 day - Company special holidays - Marriage Leave - Compassionate Leave - Good Career Progression & Professional Development


  • Senior Sales Executive/Team Lead (Japanese speaking)


    Monthly Salary 5,000 SGD to 8,000 SGD

    job Our Client is a Japanese food company, mainly importing seafood from Japan. This role of a Senior/Team Leader is to kick-start the sales team's business development activities and bring in new clients. 【 What you will be doing 】 - Conduct cold-calling, cold-visit restaurants, and all sales activities including preparation of sales proposals and presentations. - Build and develop a long-term relationship with customers. - To continuously look out for opportunities (business development) and areas for improvement - To effectively meet (and exceed) targets as set by the company. - Handle all aspects of Sales - Develop new business opportunities and grow existing customer base. - Establish and maintain good rapport with clients through active follow-up and regular sales visits - Prepare quotations and answer clients' enquiries - Evaluate and identify customers’ needs - Actively seek out new sales opportunities - Set up meetings with potential and current clients to touch base, listening to their requests and requirements - Preparing and delivering customer presentations and demonstrations of the software, articulately and confidently. - Identify emerging markets and market shifts while being fully aware of new products and competition status.
    welfare 【 What they are offering 】 - Variable Bonus (Depend on Company and Individual performance) - Annual Leave 12 days - Medical Leave 14 days - Transport allowance (To be further informed once shortlisted)


  • 【日系金融機関】営業アシスタント


    Monthly Salary 4,000 SGD to 4,500 SGD

    job 日系の地方銀行にて営業アシスタントを募集しています。 現在は10名弱の組織で、主な業務は日本人営業担当(1名)のアシスタント業務及び、各種書類の翻訳業務(日↔英)、その他事務です。 銀行における関連経験は問いませんが、社内外で発生するやり取りや突発的に発生する依頼に対する柔軟性が求められるポジションです。 残業はなく、マネジメントも非常におおらかな働きやすい環境です。 【 主な業務内容 】 営業担当のアシスタント業務(50%) - 顧客からの問い合わせ対応(電話、メール等) - 領収書整理、エクセルへのデータ入力等の経理サポート - その他必要に応じた業務 翻訳業務(50%) - ローカルスタッフが英語で作成した書類の日本語訳 - 日本本社が日本語で作成した書類の英訳
    welfare 【 福利厚生・手当 】 - AWS - 業績賞与 - 有給休暇: 14日(2年目以降毎年1日ずつ追加。最大21日) - 病気休暇:14日 - 医療保険


  • Business Manager (Migration Business) [Japanese Speaking]


    Monthly Salary 5,000 to 6,000

    job Our client is one of Pan Asia’s leading electronic component product distributors. They are currently looking for a Business Manager - Migration Business to join their esteemed organization. 【 What you will be doing 】 - Oversee and coordinate projects transfer from Japan HQ to the ASEAN region, including India. - Supplier window to drive Japanese account business. - Responsible to implement Supply Chain Management system which has been developed in Japan HQ. - Demand planning based on customer requirements and forecasts. - Manage and maintain an optimal level of inventory. - Liaise with the Sales and CS departments for delivery arrangements and requirements. - Reporting actual and forecast numbers to suppliers and HQ Japan. - Build rapport with Japanese customers’ management in the ASEAN region together with our local sales to assure smooth project transfers. - Understand customer product and supply chain. - PCN (Product Change Notice) management. - Internal team management.
    welfare 【 What they are offering 】 - AWS - VB (Depending on the company and individual performance) - Annual Increment - Annual Leave: 14 days - Medical Leave: 14 days - Outpatient medical claims - Corporate insurance scheme - Dental claims - Annual health screening - Overseas kick-off meeting trip


  • 【日系マーケティング企業】リサーチャー・リサーチアシスタント


    Monthly Salary 4,000 SGD to 7,000 SGD

    job 日系マーケティング・コンサルティング企業が、リサーチャーのポジションを募集しております。 クライアントのマーケティング戦略の策定するために日本、および海外市場での定性、定量規格の企画、実行、分析をしていただきます。 一つの役割にとらわれず、幅広い業務をこなしていきたい方にはとても良い環境です。 現状出社は自由となっており、オフィスもコワーキングスペースと在宅と希望に合わせてハイブリッド式の働き方を導入しております。 ※アシスタントの場合は調査実行のためのクライアントや調査会社と調整や簡単な分析業務を担当いただきます。 【具体的な業務内容】 - 海外展開を検討している日本のクライアントに対するニーズの理解とビジネス戦略の策定、および提案 - 成功確率と投資対効果の高いマスマーケティングの戦略策定と実行支援 - 事業の潜在・成長ポテンシャルを、ファクトとデータに基づき定量化 - 市場動向、クライアントの潜在的なパートナー、競合調査分析 - 分析結果に基づき、課題特定、新たな可能性の提案することで事業ポテンシャル、企業価値の最大化の支援 - 実践を通したマーケットイン(顧客起点)のフレームワークの導入 ※パートタイムでの採用検討可  (条件等については、別途ご相談)
    welfare 【福利厚生】 雇用形態に応じて変わってくるため、選考の過程で開示


  • 【日系スタートアップ】グローバル財務責任者候補


    Monthly Salary 7,000 SGD to 12,000 SGD

    job 日系スタートアップ企業で、グローバルファイナンスのトップとして会社の長期的財務計画立案や投資家との関係性構築などをリードしていく方を募集します。 将来のCFO候補として、今後のIPO全体の指揮やミドル・レイターステージにおけるグローバルでの資金調達をリードいただきます。ベンチャーマインドを持って、自らプレイヤーとして手を動かしながらガバナンス体制の構築・強化と財務戦略の立案から実行まで担当していただける方の応募をお待ちしています。 【 業務内容 】 - ステークホルダーに対して企業ビジョンや戦略のPR、信頼関係の構築・維持 - 投資家向けの広報戦略、およびフレームワーク開発 - 社内外とのオープンなコミュニケーション - 株式やマーケットのリサーチ、経営陣への情報共有 - 財務の動向、競合の動きなど、ビジネスに関連する要因の分析、情報提示
    welfare 【 福利厚生 】 - 業績賞与 - 有給休暇: 7日 - 傷病休暇: 14日 (不使用の場合は有休休暇への変更が可能) - 在宅勤務可 - フレックス時間制 - 社会保険 - 交通費全額支給


  • Business Development Assistant Manager/Manager


    Monthly Salary 6,000 SGD to 9,000 SGD

    job Our client is a Japanese heavy machinery manufacturing company looking for a Business Development Assistant Manager/Manager to help with their business. 【What you will be doing】 - Project Manager - Responsible for planning, overseeing and leading projects from ideation through to completion, while managing several moving parts simultaneously - Manage external client and stakeholders’ relationships and ensure that their needs and requirements are met during project execution. - Serving as a point of contact for teams when multiple units are assigned to the same project to ensure team actions remain in synergy - Setting targets for milestones and adjusting schedules and targets as needs - Performing quality control on the project throughout development to maintain the standards expected. Business Development Activities - Connect and collaborate between Japan HQ and regional key partners to develop decarbonization solutions through cross-discipline partnerships - Monitor and conduct analysis on the fundamentals, major trends, etc. of the decarbonization fuel in the Maritime and Power sector across AP region - Support and promote new business creation based on Group’s R&D technologies.
    welfare 【What they're offering】 - AWS - Variable Bonus (Depending on Company & Individual performance) - Annual Leave: 14 days (Max20days) - Medical Leave:14 days - Company Holiday: Additional 9 days. - Hospitalization Leave: 60 days - Medical Benefits:$1000 per year - Marriage Leave: 5 day


  • 【日系非鉄金属商社】マネージャー(経理経験必須)


    Monthly Salary 5,000 SGD to 6,000 SGD

    job 日系非鉄金属商社にて、マネージャーポジションを募集しております。 経理、営業、人事・総務、輸出入、在庫管理業務を10名のスタッフマネジメントともに担っていただきます。 決算や監査法人対応等がございますので経理経験が必須となりますが、その他業務にも柔軟にご対応いただける方を募集中です。 【 主な業務内容 】 - 経理業務 ・月次/年次決算 ・監査法人対応(監査法人はローカル、銀行は日系) ・日本本社からの問い合わせ対応 - 倉庫オペレーション、在庫管理 - 営業管理業務(営業) - 入札対応 - 海外の他拠点とのやり取り など
    welfare 【手当・福利厚生】 - 決算賞与(業績に準ずる) - 有給休暇: 7日(年1日ずつ最大14日まで付与されます) - 夏季休暇: 3日 - 交通費: 150 SGD/月 - 昼食支給(メニューから選択可)) - パネルクリニック(指定のクリニックにてキャッシュフリーでの診療可能) ‐ 残業無し