また在留している日本人の人数は 37,504人に及びます。
2012年と2016年を比べると130%以上の2016年の10月の時点で 37,504人に及んでます。


まずチャンギ・エアポート駅からタナ・メラ(Tanah Merah)駅まで行き(所要約8分)、ここでMRT東西線の西行き(West bound)に乗り換えます。

Latest Jobs in Singapore

  • バックオフィススタッフ


    Monthly Salary 20,000 SGD to 40,000 SGD

    job ■弊社について 弊社は、美と健康を司る全身の“菌”のケアをサポートするヘルステック企業です。 医療法人の理事長であった弊社代表の2,500人以上の慢性疾患患者に対し、 人の身体に存在する常在細菌を活かした治療や生活習慣改善指導経験から生まれました。 ■主な事業 ○メディカル事業:自社及び外部機関(大学病院・上場企業)との共同研究に取り組み、自社独自菌株や成分を開発中 ○クリニック事業:自社動物病院を2022年8月に立ち上げ。今夏、シンガポールでの自社クリニックを開設予定 ○コンシューマーヘルスケア事業:異なる対象部位や対象層に応じたSKUの拡大とメディカル事業につながるデータを蓄積 <今後について> ヒトのみならずペット(犬・猫)向けの菌ケアサービスも開始し、昨年8月には動物病院を開院。 同時に海外事業展開も開始し、今後はアジア地域他、複数の国に拠点を構えていく予定です。 また上場も視野に入れて、準備を進めております。 それに伴い対象者や商品の拡大、D2Cとクリニックの統合型UXの確立、研究データを活用した創薬事業への参入など、 複数のビジネスモデルを組み合わせ持続的競争優位性、持続成長を実現して参ります。 <募集背景> 昨年シンガポールにグループ会社を設立。 更なる海外事業の拡大に伴い、子会社管理全般+日本とのブリッチング等を担う人材を募集することに致しました。 普段は日本国内にて従事を頂き、監査対応など必要に応じてシンガポールへの短期出張をご依頼する予定です。 経理業務(DtoC事業/クリニック事業)を中心に法務チェック体制、情報システムへの対応等、管理業務全般を担って頂ける方を求めております。 <主な業務内容> ■管理部門執行役員(40代)直轄にて  以下の業務をお任せいたします(経験に応じてご相談可) 1.経理関係  ・INVOICE発行  ・振込  ・在庫管理  ・EC債権管理  ・台湾関係処理  ・経理証票取りまとめ  ・経理システム(Quickbooks)入力  ・クレジットカード管理  ・税理士法人対応  ・監査対応(IFRS) ※クリニック管理  ・現金管理  ・クレジット入金関係  ・振込  ・在庫管理  ・固定資産管理(IFRS) 2.法務  ・契約書管理  ・知財、薬機法、景表法、クリニック関係法令の確認  ・Director’s Meeting対応  ・規程、稟議フローの整備 3.内部統制  ・決裁関係⇒システム化 4.情報システム  ・個人情報管理  ・PC、システム管理 5.労務関係  ・給与チェック  ・有給休暇管理  ・就業規則等整備(シンガポール以外の国を含む)  ・雇用契約管理  ・採用支援 6.証券会社対応 <使用ツール> freee会計、Excel、Slack、GoogleWorkspace
    welfare 【 What they are offering 】 ■福利厚生・各種社会保険 ◇ 厚生年金 ◇ 雇用保険 ◇ 労災保険 ◇ 健康保険 ◇ 交通費支給あり ◇ 社割あり ■休暇 ◇ 完全週休2日制 ◇ 年間休日120日以上 ◇ 土日祝 ◇ 夏期冬期休暇 ◇ 年次有給休暇 ◇ 特別休暇

  • Senior Accounts Manager


    Monthly Salary 10,000 SGD to 11,500 SGD

    job Our client is a Japanese trust bank with a global presence through a worldwide network of branches and subsidiaries in Asia, Europe, and the United States. They are looking for a Senior Manager for the Accounts department. 【 What you will be doing 】 - To lead and manage the accounts team to ensure timely financial closing and reporting - To understand new MAS and IRAS regulations and perform impact analysis to apply to our reporting - To assist with queries from stakeholders both internal and external - To prepare and review MAS Regulatory reports such as MAS 649, MAS 610 - To prepare and review corporate tax schedules - To perform and review account system input - Any other ad-hoc assignment as required
    welfare 【 What they are offering 】 - Variable Bonus (Depends on company and individual performance) - Annual Leave: 21 days - Medical Leave: 14 days - Medical Benefits

  • Sales Manager


    Monthly Salary 5,000 SGD to 7,000 SGD

    job Our client is a Japanese logistics company, presently is looking for a Sales Manager. This is a client acquisition (hunting) role, where the incumbent's main responsibility is to find new sales opportunities and provides solutions to customers. 【What you will be working on】 - Meet and exceed the target set in terms of contributing and generating operating revenue and gross profit for the company. - To achieve sales revenue with a gross profit target and manage customer prospects on a monthly basis - Finding new sales opportunities with aggressive sales action. - Responsible for mainly acquiring new customers and maintaining/developing new business from existing accounts. - To build good business relationships with prospective customers through regular visits and contacts to develop new revenue streams. - Resourceful in providing supply chain management solutions to customers. - Maximise gross profit with new & existing customers in accordance with given guideline rates. - Work closely with the operation team and customer service (including necessary documentation works) to expedite job completion as per the committed service agreement. - To prepare quotation, SOP, Operation T&C and get approval from relevant stakeholders before submitting to customer. - Maintain records of customer details/sales visits and report to immediate superior. - To liaise with the operation team for improvement work/alternative solutions in response to any operational issue pertaining to existing customers. - Conduct market research relating to competition, pricing and customers. - Submit weekly sales pipeline reports and review sales performance on a weekly basis. - To monitor the payment progress of each account to ensure a good AR record and collect all payments by the due date.
    welfare 【What you will receive】 - AWS - Annual Leave: 14 days - Medical Leave: 14 days - Dental Benefit $200/annum - Medical Specialist $500/annum - Group Medical Insurance - Company Shuttle Bus from MRT Station to Office & vice versa - Training & Development Opportunities etc

  • Senior Business Process Control Officer


    Monthly Salary 3,000 SGD to 3,700 SGD

    job Our client is an established global trading firm and they're looking for a Senior Business Process Control Officer. 【 What you will be doing 】 - Process SAP Accounting software workflows as per the latest Business Process Control Duties. Including checking workflows submitted by Business Departments against Sales and Purchases delivery documents, Contracts, and posting them onto the accounting system. - Process Payments and receipts by checking against evidence and the company’s internal rules. - Ensure complete closing processes such as all relevant Sales, Purchases, Non-operating income, and expenses are posted into our accounts every month end—more focus to ensure complete closing during quarter-end through Closing Process Checklist. - Check and ensure proper Vendor/Customer Bank Account registration applications from Business and Corporate Departments and advise them in case of difficulties such as third-party/country payment. - Perform independent monitoring of other Process Control Person-In-Charge’s workflows completed monthly to ensure high standard and accuracy of processes. - Periodically monitor Asia Pacific Business Units’ business processes for both the Asia Pacific region and Singapore. - Be involved in ad-hoc projects for the improvement of internal controls in both the Asia Pacific region and Singapore
    welfare 【 What they are offering 】 - AWS - Variable Bonus (Depending on Company & Individual performance) - Annual Leave:14 days - Medical Leave: 14 days - Transportation Reimbursement (Home to the office) - Medical Insurance (Uncapped) - Medical Reimbursement for treatment not covered by insurance (Max SGD4,000 is claimable )

  • Sales Engineer


    Monthly Salary 3,200 SGD to 4,000 SGD

    job Our Client is Japanese Listed Manufacturing Company. This role of a Sales Engineer is responsible for Business Account servicing and Business Development. You will be reporting to Sales Manager. 【 What you will be doing 】 Business Account Servicing - Customer service and support for technical and business matters - Liaison for manufacturing and client communication - Support manufacturing operations Business Development - Develop client relationships and expand company business scope - Explore new clients and new product development and manufacturing - Work with all production divisions of the company to grow the company's business
    welfare 【 What they are offering 】 - AWS - Variable Bonus (Depend on Company and Individual performance) - Annual Leave: Starts from 10 days, additional 2 days per year - Medical Benefits: GP, Dental - Mobile and Transport allowance after confirmation

  • Franchise Partner Development and Store Development Executive


    Monthly Salary 2,500 SGD to 5,000 SGD

    job Our client is a Japanese company that specializes in manufacturing and selling pastries and sweets. They are recruiting staff members to support the expansion of our business by promoting our brands domestically and internationally. Reporting to Director 【What you will be working on】 - Expanding the network of FC partners domestically and internationally (mainly in ASEAN, China, India, the Middle East, and Europe). - Developing company-owned stores. - Presenting the brand to potential FC candidates and developers. - Negotiating store and FC contracts. - Assisting with store openings (ensuring materials and facilities are prepared, confirming construction schedules, and supporting staff allocation).
    welfare 【 What they are offering 】 - Annual Leave: 7-15 days (Depending on position) - Medical Leave: 14 days - Medical benefit - AWS (Annual Wage Supplement) - Variable bonus - Mainly remote work

  • WSH Coordinator


    Monthly Salary 2,800 SGD to 3,500 SGD

    job Our Client is a Japanese manufacturing company currently seeking to fill the role of WSH Coordinator 【 What you will be doing 】 - Assist the company to achieve the company's safety policy, target and objective. - Promote good HSE awareness culture within the company. - Review and endorse all work-related safety documents such as RA, checklist, and SWP and ensure these are communicated to the workforce. - Day-to-day supervision of operational work to ensure safety compliance and report any non-safety compliance. Site visit with the service team is necessary as and when required. - Report safety violations and/or any good safety practices of the workforce to the management committee for disciplinary/reward recommendation. - Coordinate and maintain records of site safety orientation and daily tools box meetings and workforce safety certificates. - Assist in in-house safety training programs with support from the company's safety consultant. - Recommend and implement (improvement / corrective) actions to enhance safety and efficiency. - Keep records and Inspect the company's safety equipment, tools, forklift etc. to ensure the respective safety certificates are not expired prior to workforce usage. - Conduct regular meetings with related workforce for safety concern feedback, toolbox meeting, safety recommendation discussion etc. - Generate safety-related findings or report to the management committee monthly for company safety awareness status update
    welfare 【 What they are offering 】 - AWS - Variable Bonus - Commutation Allowance - AL: 13 Days - Medical Leave

  • Service Engineer


    Monthly Salary 3,000 SGD to 4,000 SGD

    job Our Client is a Japanese manufacturing company currently seeking to fill the role of Service Engineer 【 What you will be doing 】 - Handling automation machines - Troubleshooting mechanical/electrical equipment - Top side equipment cooling medium system preparation for commissioning, fresh water close circuit system flushing by using screen-on plates type coolers to catch impurity and dirt, Glycol filling to cooling medium system through-hull drain tank & expansion tank. - Testing Cooling medium pumps no load & system load run. - Glycol regeneration system preparation for commissioning, system flushing, hydro testing, Glycol filling & system running. - Gas Dew point control- Refrigerant system preparation for commissioning, system flushing by nitrogen, hydro testing, Refrigerant charging to Gas skid & Compressor skid, and system running - Supervise on Multi-disk writer manufacturing process. HUB(Mechanic Parts) balancing and testing, checking inventory, calibrating instruments, drawing the schedule and troubleshooting the machine - Perform tester's conversion from product to product. - Testing, troubleshooting and online the testers to production.
    welfare 【 What they are offering 】 - AWS - Variable Bonus - Commutation Allowance - AL: 13 Days - Medical Leave - Medical Benefits

  • Structural Design Engineer


    Monthly Salary 3,500 SGD to 4,500 SGD

    job A leading large-scale manufacturer of material handling equipment and systems company looking for a Structural Design Engineer. You will be reporting to the Head of the Technical 【What you will be working on】 - Design of crane (EOT, Gantry, Monorail, Jib Crane etc). - Coordinates with in-charged on new process requirements, design interference checks, and design changes - Adheres to ISO quality requirements in the execution of works - Prepare non-standard crane, hoist part component, and machinery design layout drawing - Design and calculation of steel weight for quotation - Structural analysis and design of cranes’ girder and supporting structures, etc. - Reinforced concrete design, steel structure design, and selection of fastener - Assist civil works in conjunction with runway column structures and fastening - Reconcile as-built drawings from production and ensure accuracy with on-site projects - Preparations of submission documents for construction approval - Attends site checks and meetings with consultants, professional engineers, and customers to ensure smooth workflow and communication with related parties - Prepare structural detail AutoCAD drawings and also check and work with in-house Draught man on layout and crane production drawing etc. - Any other duties as and when assigned by the Management from time to time.
    welfare 【 What they are offering 】 - Performance Bonus (Depending on Individual Performance) - Annual Leave: 14 days - Medical Leave: 14 days - Medical Benefits & Insurance - Full Medical Claims - Skills training and upgrading courses available (both in-house & external)

  • Accounts & Finance Manager


    Monthly Salary 7,000 SGD to 8,500 SGD

    job Our Client is a Japanese Energy Company that engaged in projects mainly in Southeast Asian countries. They are looking for an Accounts & Finance Manager. The responsibilities of the Accounts & Finance Manager will be to manage the backend operations of the Joint Venture Company Company and its affiliates. Reporting to: Managing Director 【 What you will be doing 】 - Ensuring monthly management accounts are prepared accurately and on time by the company’s external service provider (ESP), reviewing the content of the MA and liaising with ESP to finalize the MA for management’s approval. Highlight any areas of concern to Management. ‐ Reviewing bank statements and highlighting any unauthorized or suspicious transactions to management promptly. ‐ Ensuring annual financial statements are prepared timely by ESP and filing of the same with the relevant government agencies (such as ACRA) without delay. Coordinating with external auditors on the conduct of audit, when such audit is applicable. ‐ Managing inter‐company funds transfers (related to short‐term advances, shareholder loans for projects and share subscriptions) including erecting payment orders on the e‐banking system and keeping track of the details of remittances. ‐ Closely monitoring and reconciling inter‐co advance balances with ESP, including organizing sign-off of quarterly MOUs and coordinating loan agreements. ‐ Managing payables, and invoices from 3rd party and preparing for payments processing (non‐project). - Checking all invoices and erecting payment orders on the e‐banking system. ‐ Ensure the company tax agent submits the necessary tax filings (e.g.CIT, GST, VAT, WHT, DST) by applicable regulatory deadlines and attends to tax matters without delay. ‐ Gain an overview of applicable taxes related to Skye's business operation in each country of operation and highlight management for areas of concern. ‐ Managing receivables, billings and collection, including the issuance of invoices in the appropriate format ‐ Managing payables, invoices from 3rd parties and payments - Checking payment conditions of the invoices are met, and erecting payment orders on the e‐banking system. ‐ Administration of project loan documentation including: - Monitoring and compiling documents/information required to fulfil conditions precedent for loan drawdown; and ‐ Managing compliance with covenants and undertakings in each project loan agreement (for example submission of documents/data/information to the lender by due date).
    welfare 【 What they are offering 】 - 1 month Bonus - Annual Leave 21 days. - Medical Leave - Medical benefits - Insurance: Work injury compensation, Personal Injury, Hospitalization